Program Advisors

Mr. Michael Grozinski has more than 30 years of experience in the police services industry. Michael has extensive experience as a police supervisor, investigator and administrator, including more than 14 years at the Command level. His career spans positions within a number of bureaus and units including: uniform patrol; traffic unit; Morality and Vice Bureau; investigations of child abuse and youthful offenders (Sergeant in charge of this unit as well); Sergeant in charge of the Neighborhood Policing Unit; Bike and Traffic units; Detective in the Criminal Investigation Bureau (including secondments to the Homicide Bureau); Acting Detective Sergeant; Uniform Patrol Sergeant; Uniform Staff Sergeant in charge of a platoon and the Staff Sergeant in charge of the Career Development Bureau.

Michael was assigned at the Command level as a Duty Inspector (major incident response); Detective Inspector (major criminal investigations, as officer in charge); Inspector in charge of Operational Planning and Resources (research and development); Crime Analyst Bureau; Crime Prevention Bureau; Emergency Planning Bureau; Inspector in charge of Risk Management and Early Intervention Unit and Inspector in Corporate Services as the Executive Officer to the Deputy Chief.

Michael has approximately 10 years’ experience in conducting research on police related matters, including police efficiencies and cost saving initiatives. He has completed numerous major reports to the Chief and executive officers. Michael has also completed research reports and presentations to government, including the Police Services Board and Regional and Municipal government members. He has lectured to numerous organizations, including the Ontario Association of Law Enforcement Planners, police officers from China and India, at a police leadership conference in Toronto and to members of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Michael has experience in change management in the areas of inclusion, leadership and accountability.

He has taught at both the Ontario Police College and Humber College in the areas of criminal offences; civil law; arrest; evidence; Diversity and Aboriginal Issues and the Canadian criminal justice system. Mr. Grozinski has been involved in numerous committees including being the Chair of the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police conference hosted by the Peel Regional Police in 2001. This successful event was attended by more than 1,000 thousand delegates, sponsors and guests.

He developed policy and training for the Peel Regional Police to respond effectively to matters involving persons who are deaf or hard of hearing. He was appointed as Treasurer of the Peel Regional Police Senior Officers’ Association for two consecutive years and was a part-time prosecutor for disciplinary matters involving members of the Peel Regional Police.

Dr. Anita Jack-Davies, Program Founder

As a Workplace Diversity Consultant I often work with clients in charge of DEI (diversity, equity & inclusion). I was moved to develop the Badges2Bridges program after working with Alan. Alan was a new Staff Sergeant in charge of a new DEI unit at his police service. When we first met to talk about how I might support his work, I could tell that he was not only nervous about his new role, but unsure about this new world of cross-cultural understanding that I was asking him to know. Keeping Alan in mind, I set out to create a program that he, and other officers like him, could use as a resource as they develop and implement DEI measures for their organizations. Alan was trained as a police officer. The DEI sector was new to him. He wanted to do well, even though he knew that he was embarking on training in a new sphere that took him out of his comfort zone. Alan and I worked together on a few DEI projects over a two year timeframe. With each project, I learned from Alan in the same way that he learned from me. I watched as his confidence and commitment to DEI measures increased. Eventually, Alan was promoted because it was clear that his commitment to DEI issues extended far beyond his role. Looking back on his growth, I realized that other officers and leaders also need support in their DEI efforts. It is my hope that they will turn to Badges2Bridges as a training resource that will supplement what they already receive at the police college and in their annual training.

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