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How Police Officers Can Work with Diverse Communities through Cross-Cultural Learning

Do you believe police officers  require specific training for working with diverse communities? Could their existing training on diversity and inclusion be improved? If yes, Badges2Bridges is the answer inclusive community policing.

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Cross-Cultural Training

What is cross-cultural training? Simply put, cross-cultural training enables police officers to   “see the world” through the eyes of the communities that they serve

This can be especially challenging if we are raised in communities that lack diversity and difference.  The Badges2Bridges in-class training program provides: 

  • A space for police officers to discuss challenges to working across cultures in their daily work
  • Opportunities to analyze and discuss situations that may be uncomfortable 
  • Share best practices on how to read body language using cross-cultural cues
  • Learn frequently used terms in the field of inclusive policing, including: : gender equity, stereotypes, unconscious bias, prejudice, discrimination and more!

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