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What services does the program offer?

Badges2Bridges offers an online program as well as in-class training. Additional services include advisory support for leaders and an annual retreat.

Can individuals purchase the online course?

Although Badges2Bridges is geared towards organizations, the program is available to individuals for $69.99.

What happens after I take the free trial?

After taking the free trial of the program, contact Badges2Bridges to speak to a customer service representative or email with your inquiry. We will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours.

What are the conditions of the license?

Organizations can sign a one, two or three-year license. After payment for the program is received by Badges2Bridges, staff will be granted access to the online program within 48 hours. Staff can access the online course using Google Chrome. Staff will be granted access to the program for one, two or three calendar years.

Is in-class training provided free of charge?

Yes, in-class training is provided free of charge when an organization purchases a license for 101 – 5,000+ staff members.

Does the program test the progress of staff as they make their way through the program?

Yes, Badges2Bridges is equipped to provide leaders with test scores for individual staff if required.

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